Straight Talk Promo Code for December 2014

Straight Talk Promo CodesUsing a coupon code on Straight Talk’s website is pretty easy to do. They offer many different offers for both phones and plans and are one of the fastest growing wireless companies in the United States. Our goal is to walk you step by step through the process of selecting a cell phone and checking out with a coupon code on Straight Talk’s website.

New Straight Talk Promo Code Coupons

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Select Your Phone
First we’ll start by selecting a phone. To do this, hover over the “Shop” option in the top bar and the first option is “Phones. Click on that bar. A new page will load showing an entry field for your zip code. Enter your zip code in this field and click continue. You’ll be asked to confirm your location, once you’ve done this you’ll be led to a new page with Straight Talk’s full phone line up. Once you’ve browsed and compared phones, click on the phone option which suits your needs best by clicking “Select Phone”. In this scenario, we chose the iPhone 5S.

Select Your Plan

On the next page, you will find 2 options for the iPhone 5S, one for unlimited domestic calling or one for international calling. We chose domestic calling by clicking “Add To Cart” which brought us to our shopping cart.

Shopping Cart

On the shopping cart page, you will see an overview of your order. You will see things like your phone selection, quantity of phones, and your plan selection. Underneath the main Product section you will notice a section that says “Have a Straight Talk promo code?” This is where you will enter your promo code and click “Submit”. Once you’ve clicked submit, your price will change if your coupon code has been accepted.

Once you’re satisfied you are free to continue shopping or proceed to checkout. From there you will be asked your information, where they can send the phone to, payment info, et cetera and that’s it! Getting a phone while using a coupon code has never been easier!

About Straight Talk

Straight Talk is a wireless company started in WalMart stores throughout the United States. Straight Talk uses the Verizon Wireless network for both voice and data. They are known as the price leader of wireless communications and data access. Straight Talk only offers prepaid plans, and this trend is growing in the United States. In Europe and China prepaid plans have been dominating the market for some time now.

Straight Talk offers 30 day plans for very reasonable prices. Once your 30 day access is up, you must refill with another 30 day payment, or discontinue the service. Straight Talk also offers an auto refill service which will automatically bill a credit or debit card on file every 30 days for your service to avoid disconnection and possible reactivation fees.

In addition to cell phone service, Straight Talk also provides mobile internet services, home phone services and WiFi services to its customers. Straight Talk is a full access provider offering services on all devices over much of the United States. Their phone selection rivals that of Verizon and AT&T, offering popular phones such as the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models.

A word of caution on data rates through Straight Talk, or most other providers: Data typically is at full speed for the first 2.5 GB every 30 days. After 2.5 GB of data is surpassed data speeds are slowed considerably, by up to half. So while data is unlimited, it is not unlimited at the fastest speed. If your device allows wifi access, be advised to use that wifi hot spot as often as possible.

Verizon Wireless offers Straight Talk customers the opportunity to use their wireless network across the company along with Sprint to fill in gaps in more rural parts of the country. The Verizon network is commonly regarded as the best of the wireless providers in the United States. The only retail outlet one can purchase Straight Talk from is Wal Mart. Straight Talk is available in every Wal Mart store across the United States as well as on their website.

Straight Talk is one of just a very few providers to offer a service called “Bring Your Own Phone”. This allows customers of other providers to bring their current phone to Straight Talk for their service access. While many phone are available to bring with you from another service, not all phone qualify, so please check their website for more information.

Straight Talk offers some of the best support through their website, phone and in Wal Mart stores. If a customer has trouble getting their phone activated, or operating their phone, or they feel as if they have a defective phone there are many options for a customer to get in touch with the right representative to help expedite their need.

Straight Talk allows customers to refill their minutes or active their phones on their website, giving customers the power to move at their own pace. For those who prefer a bit of assistance, you can still call Straight Talk toll free or visit a Wal Mart store for more assistance.

Straight Talk is the service that is most like services you will find overseas. They are breaking barriers in the United States, giving power back to the consumer. For more information on Straight Talk, their plans, phones, or service please visit them online or visit a Wal Mart Store.

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